How to start an apprenticeship
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Starting an apprenticeship is super simple, just follow these steps:

  1. Sign into your Acadium account

  2. From the Home or Apprentices page, navigate to your apprenticeship match messenger

  3. Click on the "View Contract" button in the upper right corner of your chat

  4. Sign your name by clicking Click to Sign and then click Start Apprenticeship to send the contract to your apprentice

  5. The contract offer will be sent to your apprentice and your apprenticeship will start as soon as they sign the contract as well. Once you both accept the contract, you are both protected, and the apprentice will get our marketing certification upon successful completion of the apprenticeship. The candidate only receives the contract AFTER it has been signed by a business. Apprenticeships last 3 months from the day a candidate accepts a contract.

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