Acadium Plan Updates
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Why is Acadium updating their plans?

Since October, 2021, Acadium started manually matching vetted candidates to our new business subscribers. Our team started manually sifting through profiles, setting up interviews, screening for skills, and hand-picked candidates for each business. This has been proven to decrease the work a business previously had to put in to find a successful match. We are updating our plans to allow all business subscribers to take advantage of this improved matching method.

How are new candidates vetted?

Our admissions team get to know each and every candidate through a mandatory video interview where we vet their hard and soft skills, review their profile, and ensure they're ready to start an apprenticeship.

How does the matching process change?

Our new matching team reviews your apprentice request and hand-picks the best vetted candidate for your needs.

What happens to my existing apprenticeship credits?

Your existing apprenticeship credits must be redeemed for an apprenticeship by September 30th, 2022.

What happens to my current plan?

If you are currently subscribed to an older plan, you will be transferred to our new plan, Quarterly or Yearly which allows 1 vetted apprentice at a time with the option to request more if needed.

What happens to my plan rate?

Your current rate will not change until September 30th, 2023 (12 months).

What if I have an existing discount?

Any existing discounts will be applied to your new plan rate.

What happens to my existing apprenticeships?

Nothing will affect any of your existing active apprenticeships.

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