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How we source and verify our candidates
How we source and verify our candidates

Learn how the Acadium Team sources, verifies, and prepares our candidates for an apprenticeship.

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Apprentices on Acadium are inexperienced marketers motivated to gain the work experience, confidence, and credentials they need to start their digital marketing careers. They are eager to help businesses like yours grow, but will require at least some guidance during their apprenticeship journey.

Although our apprentices are inexperienced, they each have to pass a 15-minute verification call with one of our specialists to meet the following requirements:

  • Readiness: Apprentices are ready to get matched with a mentor, interview, and start a 3-month remote apprenticeship.

  • Willingness: Apprentices are willing to work unpaid in exchange for mentorship, digital marketing work experience, and certification.

  • Ableness: Apprentices are able to commit 10 hours a week for 3 months to their apprenticeship.

  • Eagerness: Apprentices are eager to learn, be mentored, and help grow the business they will be apprenticing with.

  • Communication: Apprentices are proficient at reading, writing, and speaking in English.

Our apprentices are also encouraged to complete courses on Acadium to help them learn the fundamental skills in the marketing channels that they're interested in.

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