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How to share your referral link
How to share your referral link
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More than half of Acadium's users share us with their communities and it makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside!

Here’s why others have joined the referral program:

  • Get a $100 USD coupon for every business that becomes a paying member.

  • Change the life of other business owners by helping them find digital marketing talent.

  • Provide marketing candidates an opportunity to learn, practice, and successfully compete in today’s job market.

A $100 discount coupon is added to your account and can be used toward your next renewal for every paying member that comes through your referral link. Businesses who sign up with your link will get $100 USD off their first payment.

This is how to get started (it's easy!)

Step 1: Grab your unique referral link (everyone with an Acadium account will have one.) Visit to get your link. You can also log in to your account and click on the Gift icon and a pop-up box will come up which includes your referral link.

Step 2: You can click on Copy to copy your link or click Share so you can share it to different social media platforms.

Each paying member who signs up through your link will show up on your Acadium Credit history log. When you click on 'View Activity,' it will show you a breakdown of who signed up.

If you would like to redeem your referral fredit towards your next renewal, please contact us at Support to make the request. Please note that it cannot be used alongside any other promos.

Do you need help with writing a referral email or social media post? Check out some copy-paste samples here.

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