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We understand that incidents can happen and if you change your mind about matching with an apprentice, we offer a 100% refund before you're matched with a candidate.

The introduction between you and the candidate is considered a match. Note that this isn’t the start of the apprenticeship period. The actual 3-month apprenticeship only starts after both parties sign a labor contract.

It takes 1 to 5 business days to find and vet a candidate who will fully commit to the role. But in some cases, it may take weeks to find a candidate if we need to source them. Once we find a candidate that’s well-matched with your goals and confirmed their three-month availability, we will match them with you.

What if the candidate that I'm matched with isn't a good fit or the candidate doesn't respond?

We vet the best we can to ensure we only allow top-quality candidates on the platform for our valued members and it is important to find someone whose interests and goals are aligned with yours. So, if a match doesn't work out, you can definitely request a rematch. Your membership gives you unlimited rematches until you find someone.

If you want a faster match, we suggest mentioning the following to our Support team:

  • Specific skill-sets you're looking for in a candidate (E.g., Adobe Photoshop, Google Analytics, etc.)

  • Time zone preference (E.g., EST preferred, okay with working between PST and MT, etc.)

We also recommend talking to your matches to find out if the candidate is flexible about learning extra skills, setting mutual times, or any concerns you may have before asking for a rematch.

You can cancel your subscription anytime, regardless of your payment scheme. However, members are not eligible for a refund once they’re matched.

What if the apprenticeship is cancelled?

Businesses who have a cancelled apprenticeship, due to no fault of their own, can make a new apprenticeship request. Please contact our Membership Success Team so we can open up a slot on your Acadium account.

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