How does billing work?
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Hi there, we're so happy you're considering working with an apprentice on Acadium!

The first step is to become an Acadium member. Your membership allows you to request and interview marketing apprentice candidates and start a 3-month remote apprenticeship when you find the right candidate.

Your membership includes:

  • A team that will source, vet, and match you with candidates

  • Unlimited new candidate requests

  • Apprenticeship contracts for 3 months and ~120 hours of work

  • Video and voice calling

  • Weekly performance reviews

  • Dedicated apprenticeship advisor

  • Ability to purchase additional apprentice positions if needed

You can also choose to pay yearly or quarterly:

  • Yearly Membership is $1,599/year (Save 20%)

  • Quarterly Membership is $499/3 months

Things to note:

  • Billing is in US Dollars.

  • Our memberships are recurring subscriptions unless cancelled.

  • You may upgrade to annual from quarterly to gain an extra apprentice or purchase additional apprenticeship requests for a one-time fee of US$399.

  • The actual 3-month apprenticeship only starts after both parties sign a labor contract. Your billing cycle and apprenticeship dates won’t line up exactly because it takes some time to match you with a candidate.

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