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Create a business profile that stands out
Create a business profile that stands out

Our quick-start guide will help you create a profile that interests marketing candidates.

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Before you start looking for an apprentice, you'll need to set up a profile to show Acadium candidates what skills you can teach them during an apprenticeship and share a bit about your business.

Profile Intro

Your profile intro is the very first thing other marketers and businesses see when visiting your profile. Follow the tips below to make a good first impression.

Use a professional profile photo

The first thing a candidate looks at on your profile is your photo. Using a professional photo helps show your credibility, and a warm smile shows that you're friendly and approachable! An ideal profile photo for Acadium should:

  • Not have a distracting background

  • Feature your face in the majority of your frame

  • Reflect a smile and a friendly expression

Writing your personal summary

The personal summary is where you can express who you are, your personality, and your professional accomplishments.

Show your personality

Your summary is also a great place to showcase your personality. Make it conversational and show the people reading it who you are. Keep it professional and inviting.

Let candidates know your mentorship ability

Candidates have different levels of experience. Let candidates know how much experience you have with the type of work you need help with. This helps them understand if you can help them complete certain tasks and provide guidance.

Writing your company summary

Your company summary lets marketing candidates and Acadium know a little bit about your company.

Add a company logo

Adding a logo is optional, but if you have one we suggest uploading it so that others can get a better sense of you company.

Link to your company website

Link to your company's primary website. If you don’t have a company website, you can link to a social profile instead (E.g. Instagram, Twitter, etc.)

Show off your professional accomplishments

Here we're looking at what you've done in your career or your Business. What are you proud of and what showcases the skills that you've honed through your experience?

Tip: Use simple, concise points to focus on what makes you unique. These can be translated skills from any experience you've had, so be creative!

Add some personal interests

We all know the importance of building relationships with the people we work with! Having common interests can help bridge that gap and build trust with the candidate you choose. Candidates are more likely to work with you if your interests overlap with some of theirs!

Tip: Be honest about what you're interested in - that way when you find a candidate who aligns with who you are, you'll have success!

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