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We’ve designed our platform to be a safe community that fosters win-win relationships between mentors and their apprentices. As we’re aware of the dynamics involved in professional relationships, we’re here to provide care, mediation, and guidance if required.

Keeping all communication on our platform helps ensure that you're protected under any circumstances with regards to our Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and Acceptable Use Policy. If you're an apprentice, it also provides you the opportunity of earning your certificate. Choosing to communicate outside of Acadium puts you at risk for security issues, such as fraud and phishing. In the same vein, taking a candidate away from the platform results in ineligibility for a refund to mentors, and no protection to candidates.

Here are some benefits of maintaining convos via our system:

  1. Weekly ratings: Mentors and mentees rate each other. This is required for an apprentice to receive their certification. Our Membership Success team also proactively reviews these ratings, so we can intervene with added support if required.

  2. Security features to protect your privacy: We take reasonable administrative, physical, and electronic measures designed to protect the information that we collect from or about you (including your PII) from unauthorized access, use, or disclosure. See more in Privacy.

  3. Record of completed apprenticeships: At the end of an apprenticeship, a mentor releases the marketing completion certificate. This is a permanent record of an apprentice’s accomplishment and can only be released through Acadium to be deemed valid. Professionals looking to hire after the apprenticeship, often prefer working with candidates with a validated apprenticeship.

  4. Special scenarios: you may need our Membership Success Team to help with a situation with your mentor/mentee. Having context into the interactions between an apprentice and their mentor can help our team find a mutually beneficial outcome.

  5. System-generated notifications: Select notification preferences in your Account Settings, and download the latest version of our app to stay on the pulse!

We fully understand there will be exceptions when it is practical to have a conversation out of the system, and we’re supportive that your business objectives are not stalled if this route must be taken. Our aim is to be positioned to give you the best support and care required in a timely manner, if and when you need it. This is the heart of our recommendation in this article. We’ve got your back!

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