How do I build a portfolio?
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Your portfolio is a visual representation of what you've done throughout your career. Here, you can add pictures of social media ads that you have made or email templates that you have been using.

Because marketing is a very visual field, an online portfolio is arguably more important than a resumé.

You can also add goals that you have achieved, like a photo of a Pinterest page that now has a huge following because of you.

Make sure, though that you do not include confidential information.

Here are some things that should be in your portfolio:

1. A short intro.

Write a short introduction about yourself. This section should include your educational background, things that you have done in your career that you are most proud of, your skills, your beliefs, and more.

This can be written in the first person or the third person (i.e. refer to yourself using your name). However, this shouldn’t be as long as your resume.

2. Your contact details.

Make sure you include your contact details. Even if this part is already in your resume, it's nice to have your contact details readily available so that potential employers do not need to look for another file just to get in touch.

3. Samples of previous work (photos with links, if available).

This is the main part of your portfolio. Make sure you list the companies you have worked for, when you worked with them, and include the specific things you have done for them. Keep in mind that this is a visual representation so you would need to provide photos and links so that potential employers can see what you have done.

Make sure to check out these resources:

Last but not least try Googling "online marketing portfolio" or "online marketing portfolio samples" to see what others are doing and to get inspired.

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