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How do I get an Apprenticeship Completion Certificate?
How do I get an Apprenticeship Completion Certificate?
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Acadium apprenticeships last 90 days. When the 90 days are up, you will receive an Apprenticeship Marketing Certificate that you can include in your portfolio, resume, or even display on your social accounts, such as LinkedIn.

A few weeks before your apprenticeship ends, you and your mentor will receive a reminder to complete the End of Apprenticeship Review. Once both parties have completed the review, your certificate is released, and you should get a copy of it in your email.

Follow the steps outlined below to complete the review:

  1. Navigate to your apprenticeship messenger.

  2. On desktop, click Write Final Review in the right column. On mobile, click the Menu icon in the top right of the messenger and then click Write Final Review.

  3. Complete the review by selecting the rating that fits your mentor's performance, and leave a comment. You’ll also be asked to write about your experience working with your mentor. Be sure to mention how they helped by citing a few specific examples.

  4. Submit the final review. This will be followed by a prompt stating that the review is completed. That's all there is to it. Congratulations on completing an apprenticeship! 🎉

If you did not receive your certificate, or you can’t find it, here are some things you can do:

  1. Double-check your spam or junk folder.

  2. Search your inbox for the keywords, "View your new certificate and badge from Acadium."

  3. Reach out to your mentor to check if they haven't completed the review, then send them a friendly reminder.

  4. If it's not in the spam or junk folder and you can’t get a hold of your mentor, contact us and we’ll help you solve it.

In case we don’t hear back from your mentor, be prepared to send us the work you have completed for that company for us to release your certificate under Acadium Inc.’s name, and not the business. Please be aware we reserve the right to deny your request if the portfolio you have provided does not match the 120 dedicated hours for that contract.

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