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Can I cancel my apprenticeship early?
Can I cancel my apprenticeship early?
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We understand that there are times that things may not work out between an apprentice and a business. We suggest doing everything you can to fix the relationship, if possible, before ending an apprenticeship.

Ending an apprenticeship prematurely means that you will not earn your Apprenticeship Completion Certificate and reference letter, and won't be able to add this experience to your resume. If you feel you did enough work to receive a certificate, please reach out to us through our chat system. Keep in mind that we will have to review all the work you completed before deciding if you did enough to receive our certificate.

Apprenticeships can end for a variety of reasons:

  • Not a good fit or different goals

  • Unexpected changes in schedule

  • Personal emergency

  • Other reasons

Regardless of the reason, we recommend reaching out both to the Acadium Apprentice Support Team and your mentor to end the apprenticeship professionally.

Note: Apprentices that simply “vanish” are permanently removed from our marketplace.

To cancel your apprenticeship early:

  1. Navigate to your apprenticeship messenger

  2. Click on the businesses profile photo at the top of the messenger

  3. In the modal that opens, click Cancel Apprenticeship

  4. Complete the following prompts

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