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Reviewing your mentor's performance
Reviewing your mentor's performance
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We've found that providing timely feedback to your mentor helps them identify ways to make the relationship more valuable. It's also an effective way to catalog the progress of your 3-month apprenticeship.

You'll receive an email prompting you to rate & review your mentor every week. The rating is required for your certification. Once you've submitted the rating, your mentor will receive the feedback directly. If you find the need to, you can discuss this during your weekly feedback call.

Here are a few steps to get this done:

Step 1: Click on the “Rate [mentor’s name]” button in the email reminder. The subject of the email is “[mentor’s name] is waiting for your feedback”. Clicking the “Rate [mentor’s name]” button will take you to your Acadium account to complete the rating.

If you were previously logged out, you may be required to log in again.

Or, you can also complete the weekly rating from your dashboard. Simply click on the circular photo of your mentor. From the chat box that will pop up, scroll down, click “View ratings”, and choose the weekly rating that you would like to complete.

Step 2: Select the rating that fits your mentor's performance, leave a comment, and click “Submit Rating”.

If there's no feedback to be given, you could skip the rating for that week and begin again the following week.

Step 3: Your rating is submitted and sent to your mentor.

That's all there is to it 💪

We encourage leaving constructive feedback. Whether it’s positive, or with criticism, leaving a well-structured review will help your mentors create actionable goals, so they can improve your experience.

Let’s say your mentor didn’t explain this week’s tasks very well. Break down their method, why it didn’t work for you, and how they can avoid this mistake in the future.

Your review might look something like this:

“You didn’t explain what you meant when you asked me to make my copy ‘less of a product feature, and more lifestyle’. It would have helped if you explained what kind of tone you wanted the copy to have, and how I can rewrite it that way, or what I can read to understand the direction. I think it would save us both time and make me more effective at my tasks if you explained your directions more.”

Good feedback can help you and your mentor adjust and create more mutually positive outcomes. Remember, your apprenticeship lasts for three months, or more if you and your mentor keep in touch. So, let's make it count!

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