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What is the Apprenticeship Program?
What is the Apprenticeship Program?
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Gaining work experience and guidance is a fundamental step in starting a career in digital marketing. That’s why we’ve created the Apprenticeship Program.

After completing your profile and getting verified, we'll match you with a real business for a 3-month remote digital marketing apprenticeship. In this apprenticeship, you'll:

  • Gain work experience. Over 3 months and 10 hours per week, you’ll work remotely with a verified mentor in their business in exchange for work experience and mentorship.

  • Get certified. Every completed apprenticeship gets you a certificate that you can add to your LinkedIn or CV/resume to showcase your newly acquired marketing work experience.

  • Start your career. Over 50% of apprentices get hired by their mentor during or after their apprenticeship on Acadium.

To apply to the Apprenticeship Program, head over to your Acadium profile and follow the steps to get verified!

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