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Make the most out of your apprenticeship
Make the most out of your apprenticeship
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Your 3-month, 10 hour per week apprenticeship is your time to gain work experience and learn about marketing. Here are some tips to maximize your apprenticeship:

1. Ask for help

This is an obvious one. Don't be scared to ask your mentors to explain their instructions or advice to complete your tasks. Your mentors are there to teach you—let them do their jobs.

2. Do your own research

When you have free time, do some research about the marketing world. There are some things that you can learn on your own. The nice thing is, if you find something that confuses you during your research, you can ask your mentor about it.

3. Complete courses on Acadium

They’re designed to help anyone gain basic understanding of fundamental marketing principles. The best part is they’re free! And since completed courses show up on your Acadium profile, they show mentors you’re proactive and serious about getting into marketing.

4. Manage your time wisely

While you can take on multiple apprenticeships at the same time, you have to make sure you can handle the workload. Try using time management apps, like Taskade and Trello, so you can schedule your tasks and make it to deadlines and appointments with your mentor.

Don’t forget to allot time for rest either! Some stress can help you learn better, but too much will lead to a burnout, whether you realize it or not. We want your apprenticeship to lead to positive learning experiences, and not contribute to your stressors.

5. Make a list of key takeaways every week or month

Make a list of what you've learned and things that you might use in the future.

6. Make a list of more things you want to learn every week or month

Make a list of the things you still want to learn and when you want to learn them and ask your mentor about it.

7. If you feel your apprenticeship is not working, reach out to our success team

At any point in the apprenticeship/s, if you feel that you aren't getting enough guidance or learning enough, talk to our Apprentice Success Team by messaging them at We'll get back to you as soon as possible with a solution to your problems.

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