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Create a marketer profile that stands out
Create a marketer profile that stands out

Some tips from the Acadium Team on how to create an amazing professional marketer profile.

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Your marketer profile is your first chance to make an impression on mentors you want to connect with for your apprenticeship. Fortunately, building yours on Acadium is easy!

Creating your profile intro

Your profile intro is the very first thing other marketers and businesses see when visiting your profile. Follow the tips below to make a good first impression.

Use a professional profile photo

A professional profile showcases who you are and is a required step to apply to the Apprenticeship Program. An ideal profile photo for Acadium should:

  • Not have a distracting background

  • Feature your face in the majority of your frame

  • Reflect a smile and a friendly expression

Add your full name

Keep things professional and make a good impression on potential mentors!

Add your location

Use your current location to add your country/region to your profile intro. We use your country/region to help match you with businesses in similar timezones.

Add your pronouns

You can add your pronouns to let others on Acadium know how to refer to you.

Writing your summary

The summary is where you can express your personality, experience, and goals. This section can be daunting but we're here to help you out with some tips!

Introduce yourself

Introduce yourself and mention any work experience, education, and/or marketing course certifications you may have.

Mention your goals

Mention the marketing skills you’d like to gain experience with.

Write in English

Most businesses on Acadium speak English as a first language, so make sure your bio is written in proper English using complete sentence format.


Make sure you read and re-read your bio to check for grammatical errors and typos. Read it out loud to yourself or get a friend or colleague to read it for you.

Add your languages

Let other marketers and businesses on Acadium know which languages you can speak. Only add languages in which you have a working proficiency.

Add your apprenticeship preferences

This is the fun part, the apprenticeship preferences section is where you'll let us know which sort of digital marketing apprenticeship you're looking for.

Add your skill preferences

Select all the marketing skills you'd like to gain experience with. Selecting in-demand skills and all the skills that interest you will help decrease the time you have to wait to get matched with a business.

Add your industry preferences

Select all the industries in which you'd be willing to work in. Selecting all the industries that apply will help decrease the time time you have to wait to get matched with a business.

Let us know your career goal

Your career goal helps businesses (and Acadium) understand what your needs are to help create the best experience for you.

Boost your profile

Now that you've completed the required profile fields to apply to the Apprenticeship Program, we'll walk you through taking your profile to the next level.

Showcase your skills with certificates

Add certificates to your profile by completing free courses on Acadium or by adding marketing certificates you've earned on other platforms.

Showcase your experience

Add any work experience and/or education you have to your profile, even if it's not digital marketing related.

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