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Should I do courses before I start an apprenticeship?
Should I do courses before I start an apprenticeship?
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We highly encourage you to take courses before applying for an apprenticeship. While not required, courses accomplish three things:

  1. Help you narrow out your area of focus in marketing

  2. Gain a basic level of understanding of marketing practices

  3. Show mentors you’re serious about starting a marketing career.

Taking courses will help you explore which areas of marketing you find interesting. Once you find a niche you want to specialize in, you can create a mental profile of what kind of mentor can give you work experience in that field.

Having a basic knowledge of marketing principles helps during apprenticeships. That’s because you’ll already know why your mentor asks you to do certain tasks, and what area of marketing these projects belong to. This will allow you to focus on developing related work skills, shorten your downtime, and fit in as much training as you can in your three-month apprenticeship.

Your apprenticeship helps you learn what these courses teach in a practical, fast-paced setting. You can always open up your course modules during your apprenticeship if you need a reference, or help to master a new skill set.

Our courses are created in-house, with the help of outside marketing experts that want to help us accelerate our mission.

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