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What can't I do on Acadium as an apprentice?
What can't I do on Acadium as an apprentice?

The Do's and Don'ts

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Simply put, you can’t solicit payment for your work or services.

You sign on for an apprenticeship to acquire hands-on work experience, develop your skills, create a working portfolio, gain certification, and obtain referrals to launch your marketing career.

Only businesses can bring up the topic of compensation. If they wish, they can offer overtime rates for additional hours during the apprenticeship. This is not a violation of our terms.

If an apprentice asks for money or any form of compensation for work rendered during their apprenticeship, they will receive a full ban from the platform. Their apprenticeship is immediately canceled, and their profile is removed from the marketplace.

What apprentices can do is ask their mentor if their apprenticeship can lead to a job upon completion. Many apprenticeships lead to direct hire or referral. In fact, 55% of Acadium mentors hire their apprentices!

If you have any questions about any relevant labor laws, the apprenticeship program, or Acadium’s business practices, please reach out to us at Support

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