What is Acadium?

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After signing up for Acadium, you might wonder, “What is it that I signed up to?”

Acadium allows anyone—with or without any work experience—to launch a career in marketing without taking on student debt. Acadium provides this alternative to traditional schooling through free courses, personalized coaching, and in-depth apprenticeships.

Our free, comprehensive courses cover marketing essentials that are in-demand in the job market. While you’re taking these courses, you can complete related tasks that directly use your learnings. When you’re done, you can put what you’ve created for these tasks in a portfolio for your job hunt.

You can also use this portfolio when you apply for an apprenticeship. Apprenticeships only require 10 hours per week for three months to complete. Within those three months, you’ll match with an expert mentor with a business in the industry you want to work in.

And unlike internships, apprenticeships are tailored to give you the work experience and social proof—evidence that your skills are competitive and recommendable.

If you prefer advanced courses, Acadium Plus is a great option. Aside from specialized marketing courses, you’ll also have on-demand coaching. Your coach can help prepare your CV and give pointers on job interviews. You’ll also get the chance to network and build your contacts with your fellow students.

With so many options, you can adjust your digital marketing journey to fit your needs. #OwnYourFuture and learn more about your options through the support articles below.

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